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Written by pictures   

Pictures Festa Major de Gràcia                                     

Pictures previous editions of Festa Major de Gracia.  Gallery of photos of decorated streets in Gracia festival which are called "Carrers Guarnits" in Catalan. The Gracia festival street decorations change every year to a new theme. TWEET THIS PAGE

Guide in English Gracia Festival Barcelona 

Planet Pandora and Avatar theme on Perill street for 2015 Gracia festival

Festa Major de Gràcia

Paris comes to Sant Antoni street in Gracia festival 2015


Verdi street has Japanese theme for 2015 


Eiffel tower on Sant Antoni street 2015



Live music on many streets and plazas during Gracia festival


Don't touch the decorations. Sad example of "dead" elephant decoration.



Human tower day on Plaça Vila de Gracia


Carrer de Fraternitat de Dalt

Festa Major de Gracia Fraternitat de Dalt

Carrer de Fraternitat de Baix

Festa Major de Gracia 2012 - Gracia Festival

Carrer de Fraternitat de Baix - ballroom

Festa Major de Gracia 2012 - Gracia Festival

Carrer de Fraternitat de Baix - ballroom

Festa Major de Gracia 2012 - Gracia Festival

Carrer de Joan Blanques - water theme

Festa Major de Gracia 2012 - Gracia Festival

Carrer de Tordera


Assaig a plaça dels Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia


Assaig a plaça dels Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia


Assaig a Plaça dels Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia


Carrer de Llibertat with a fashion show theme


Carrer de Mozart - "Fira de Freaks" - freak fair


Carrer de Mozart 


Carrer de Mozart



Circus theme on Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia


Carrer del Progrés


Carrer del Progrés - Star Wars theme


Carrer de Verdi - Fort Verdi West. Verdi won1st prize in 2012


Pictures Festa Major de Gracia 2011

Festa Major de Gracia

Festa Major de Gracia

"Ball de diables" - dance of the devils on Plaça Vila de Gracia


Plaça Vila de Gracia


The biggest crowds are on first day of the Gracia festival to see the decorations


The Beatles at Festa de Gracia 2011


Colles de diables - groups of devils - on Plaça Vila de Gracia


Colles de diables - devil groups - Plaça Vila de Gracia


Carrer Verdi 2011 


Gracia graffiti tribute to Amy Winehouse


Castellers practise session is called an "assaig"


Peter Pan battles Captain Hook to win street Fraternitat de Baix 1st Prize in 2011

Festa Major de Gracia


During festival Gracia residents compete for best decorated entrance or balcony


All decorated streets have a concert stage and there are concerts on the big plazas


"Plaça de Swing" on Plaça Diamant


2009 & 2010 pictures Festa Major de Gracia

Photos of decorated streets called "Carrers Guarnits" and "Cercavila Popular" parade

Carrer de Verdi 2010 



Festa Major de Gracia 

Mojitos and Caipirinha's for sale on every street corner during the festival

The Festa de Gracia has hundreds of activities for kids and families


"Cercavila Popular" parade 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

Grallers - Pipers. More about Grallers
Festa de Gracia 2009

One of the Gracia district giants called "Gegants" in Catalan. More about gegants

Traditional Catalan stick dance "ball de bastoners." More about Bastoners
Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

The persons carrying the giants are called "Geganters"
It's hot hard work in August

Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

"Capgrossos" means big heads in the Catalan language. These are giant heads worn in parades - often by children.

Festa de Gracia 2009

"castellers" groups of human tower builders

Festa de Gracia 2009

Another kind of castell building by the Falcons de Barcelona

Festa de Gracia 2009

"El Drac de Gràcia"  Gracia's fire spitting dragon.

Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

"Ball de diables" - dance of the devils. Also called"correfoc" or firerun. More about correfocs
Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

"Trabucaires" are groups of Catalan "bandits"  who fire very loud blunderbuss guns called "un trabuc" in Catalan. More about Trabucaires
Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

Ear plugs, head gear and old clothes are a good idea for the correfoc! More about correfoce precautions
Festa de Gracia 2009

Gracia residents make a huge effort every year to prepare for the Festa Major de Gracia.
Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

Cobla band - traditional band that plays for sardanas dance
Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

Sardanas dance circle
Festa de Gracia 2009

Festa de Gracia 2009

Carrer de Verdi 2009
Festa de Gracia 2009



Swing and lindy-hop dancing on "Plaça de Swing"







Festa de Gracia 2009

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