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Casa Batllo in Barcelona is one of Gaudi's most famous buildings . It is located on the elegant boulevard calledPasseig de Gracia in the centre of Barcelona's Eixample district. Casa Batllo was built between 1875 and 1877 and bought by Josep Batllo i Casanovas in the year 1900. Batllo then commissioned Antoni Gaudi to renovate the building in the modernist style that was popular at the time. And the result was timeless and breathtaking. Casa Batllo is open for visit all year round and in the summer from mid-June to end August you can enjoy evening concerts on the terrace.

Casa Batllo by Anton Gaudi

Casa Batllo was not originally built by Antoni Gaudi. He redesigned the inside and outside of the original structure. The renovation work lasted two years from 1904 to 1906  From an ordinary apartment building Gaudi created Casa Batllo and it was a transformation that brought Gaudi international fame. The Batllo house is listed as a UNICEF World Heritage site along with several other Gaudi buildings in Barcelona.
Gaudi UNICEF World Heritage sites 

Casa Batllo by Antoni Gaudi Barcelona

Two attic floors were added to Casa Batllo during the refurbishment, and a fantasy dragon back roof tower crowns this masterpiece. In the summer you can enjoy concerts on the courtyard terrace.


Casa Batllo is a fairytale at night


For the new facade of Casa Batllo Gaudi designed a splendid rounded front gallery and a multi-coloured glittering surface of fish scale inspired ceramic pieces. 


Casa Batllo has elegantly rounded balconies that some say look like human skulls - perhaps the bones of victims of the dragon on the roof.

balconies casa batllo

The facade of Casa Batllo was “painted” by Gaudi almost like a giant canvas. The front facade is a trencadis work of art that has been compared to the style in Monet’s water lilies painting. Gaudi stood on the street and shouted directions to the workmen, while the front was being decorated.


Balcony in Casa Batllo Barcelona

Inside Casa Batllo Gaudi re-distributed the rooms adding a viewing gallery and unifying the courtyards with the existing staircase to add more natural light and ventilation.

Main room in Casa Batllo Barcelona

The new doors in the building were also in the curved style that is Gaudi's trademark.

Apartment door in Casa Batllo Barcelona

The fireplace room

Fireplace room in Main room in Casa Batllo Barcelona

Gaudi found much of his inspiration in the pristine beauty of nature. Note the swirling shell design of the main room's ceiling.

Ceiling in main room of Casa Batllo Barcelona

Main room and gallery of Casa Batllo.

Main room in Casa Batllo Barcelona

Back balcony on the rear facade of Casa Batllo

Back balcony in Casa Batllo Barcelona

Not many building porteros in Barcelona had an office like this.

Porters office in Casa Batllo Barcelona

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