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Sightseeing tours Barcelona E-mail
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Best tours of Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing tours

Plan your visit to Barcelona in advance. There are many different way and different tours to see Barcelona. Visitors can choose from from hop-on-hop-off bus tours to segways, walking tours, bike tours, group tours or private tours. On this page we have listed some of the most popular and most fun ways to see Barcelona.

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Hop on Hop off buses Barcelona

The Hop on / Hop off bus tour of Barcelona is an affordable, convenient, easy way to see many top attractions in Barcelona in one day and to get a feel for the city.  Hop-on/hop-off means that you can get on or off when you like at all stops along the route. If you want to leave the bus to spend time at a Barcelona attraction, then just "hop off" the tour bus and "hop on" again later, when you are ready to continue the route. The bus are in constant circulation and you usually don't have to wait for more that 15 minutes for the next hop-on-hop-off bus to come by. These tours buses are also sometimes called "ho-ho buses." The hop-on-hop-off buses in Barcelona are modern with open top decks and audio guides in many languages.
 Another advantage of hop-on-hop-off buses is that they are double-deckers with an open top, which gives nicer views of the city buildings and taking traffic free snaps of Barcelona’s landmarks. If you are on the top deck, remember your sun lotion in the summer - and a jacket in the winter.

There are 2 different companies that offer hop on hop off bus tours in Barcelona . You can see the bus colours below. Both companies use open top double-decker tour buses. Both companies have very similar routes , so you can pick any of the two companies. The advantage of the Bus Turistic company is that you get a discount coupon book included in the prices that gives small discounts at many of the stops on the route. The disadvantage is that there can be long lines at popular attractsion. The all red Barcelona City bus does not offer a discount coupon book, but in busy periods it might have shorter queues. You can buy tickets on the bus on both bus tours and both tours offer audio guides in several languages


Bus Turistic -  Hop on/ Hop off tours of Barcelona  
> Bus Turistic has Red, Green and Blue tour buses
> 3 tour routes which you can all ride with 1 ticket.

> Total of 44 stops.
> Audio guides available in 10 languages.

> Discount coupon book included in price
> Tickets can bought on the bus
> From June to end September and night route on Friday and Sunday.  Buy Tickets 



Barcelona City tours
> Barcelona City Tour has all Red tour buses.
> 2 routes of Barcelona - East and West

> Tickets can be bought on the bus
> No discount coupons 


Sightseeing coach tours Barcelona

If you prefer more traditional sightseeing coach tours with a real guide instead of a recording, there are various bus tours and small group mini-van tours to choose from. BGB offers 
Barcelona sightseeing coach tours These are large group tours with a local guide, who tells you about Barcelona city sights as you drive by. The advantage is that you get more personal attention than audio guides on the ho-ho buses. Having a guide is often more fun and more informative and you can ask the guide questions. The small group tours are even better as you get more access to the guide. Guide books and websites are a great help for planning a visit to Barcelona, but a friendly local tour guide can really bring the history and culture of the city to life with rich detail, anecdotes and details that are not always in the guide books. So if you want to know more than just the basic information about historic sights and buildings in Barcelona, then a guided tour is a great solution. The tour guides in Barcelona are qualified and usually native or long term English speaking residents of Barcelona. They know Barcelona and the Catalan way of life very well and can often help you with little translations and answers to questions.  
Book BGB coach tours of Barcelona 

Small Group day tours from Barcelona 

Half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona

After a couple of days in the city, then many choose to take a day trip outside Barcelona. Have a look at the half-day and day tours from Barcelona. You can visit coastal areas and beaches in the summer, visit Andorra for snow-capped mountains and magnificent scenery in the summer, Wine regions and vineyards near Barcelona, and world famous attractions near Barcelona like Girona, the Montserrat mountain and monastery,  the Dali Museum in Figueres and Sitges

Top 5 Day Trips from Barcelona
Small group private Day tours from Barcelona 

Personal tour guides Barcelona

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, but still want good information and personalised tours, then why not consider a personal tour guide? A personal tour guide is more expensive than group tours, but usually excellent value for money. Personal Barcelona tour guides will show you all the city and the sights and also enrich your stay with exclusive information about where to shop at reasonable prices, where to eat, what the best things to do in Barcelona are from breakfast at the best coffee shops in Barcelona to dinner and dancing at the best restaurants and clubs in the city. Personal tours guides often provide more services than group tour guides - they are your interpreters, hosts, ambassadors, entertainers, helpers and a general source of information to make sure your trip to Barcelona is as memorable as possible. Often they will also drive you themeselves or provide cars with drivers.

Walking tours Barcelona

If you want an active and healthy way to see the most famous Barcelona sights, and perhaps have a bit more time to chat to your guide, then you might choose one of the many guided walking tours of Barcelona.  There are also many free Barcelona walking tours that offer a free tour and then ask guests to tip if they want. Walking tours are excellent because the guides provide a lot of information and there is plenty of time to absorb it all. We definately recommend walking tours to visit  the medieval parts of Barcelona where the tourist buses and minivans are not practical because of narrow streets and many pedestrians. If walking is too slow for you and want to improve your fitness levels, then try a bike tour or a jogging tour of Barcelona.

Bike tours Barcelona

A very popular way to see Barcelona are the
Barcelona bike tours.  Biking is a clean, green and healthy way to see the sights of Barcelona and Barcelona is expanding and adding new bicycle lanes every year.  Friendly and well- informed bike tour guides will give you many insights into the city while dispensing traffic safety tips. Safety first. The traffic in Barcelona can be a bit unpredictable, so helmets are always a good thing and remember not to take selfies, while you are riding the bike! You can also rent your own bike with a GPS tour to follow.

Book half day bike tour of Barcelona
Bike tours and bike rentals in Barcelona 

Different and fun Barcelona city tours

If you want to see Barcelona in a different way here are three interesting and fun ways to tour Barcelona

Motorbike sidecar tours Barcelona - See Barcelona from a vintage motorbike with sidecar 
Segway tours of Barcelona - see the old part of Barcelona on a segway
Talking Go Cars Barcelona - Your own buggy to boogie around Barcelona.

Welcome to Barcelona and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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