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Bicing is Bicycle Borrowing in Barcelona

Bicing city bikes Barcelona
Borrowing Bicing bike in Barcelona. Bicycles are a big part of the public transport system in Barcelona. The Barcelona city council launched this innovative bicycle borrowing scheme, called “El Bicing” (pronounced "bee-sing,") in 2007. Please note that Bicing is not availabe for tourists, only for residents of Barcelona. For tourists there are many small bike rental companies at affordable hourly rates.

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Barcelona directory bicing
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You can also find Bicing station locations on the Barcelona online city map website on web address To show bicing stations on the map, choose transport options in the left menu of the map. Then the Bicing stations and other transport stops like metro stations in Barcleona will be shown on the maps.

Bicing is very popular with Barcelona residents with over 120,000 subscribers in 2011. When Bicing in Barcelona launched in 2007 there were just 750  "bicing" bikes  available at 50 pick-up/drop off points in the city located mostly near Metro stations and municipal parking places.  In 2012 there are 420 bicing stations
and 6,000 Bicing bikes available and around 40.000 daily journeys are made which comes to around eleven million journeys a year. The aim of Bicing is to encourage Barcelona residents to make short trips by bicycle to help reduce the number of cars in Barcelona, so many of the Bicing stations are close to metro stations, parks and car parks. Bicing is financed both by users and income from the implementation of green-area parking regulations, which was also designed to encourage cleaner transport in Barcelona.

2013 Prices Barcelona city bikes

Annual subscription price €45,11
Annual subscription for Bicing membership with unlimited bicing trips of 30 minutes each free.
After first 30 minutes additional periods of 30 minutes are €0.71
Bicing prices includes a third party insurance if bicing users cause damage to others.
Penalty for exceeding 2 hours. € 4.30

How Bicing Barcelona city bikes works?  
Bicing barcelona - bike borrowingA paid up subscriber of the bicing system gets a personal bicing card in the post or at the bicing office.  The Bicing card is used to release and deliver bicing bikes from the automatic bicing stands around Barcelona. When a bicing bike is released, the bicing user then has 30 minutes free to get to their destination and drop off the bike at another bicing pick up/drop off location. The first half hour of bicing is free and then it costs € 0.71 for each additional 30 minute period until you reach the maximum allowed time of 2 hours in total. After that there is a penalty charge of € 4.30 an hour for failing to drop off the bicing bike. After three penalty charges your bicing account will be closed. This user revenue generates around 25% of the total cost of the Barcelona bicing system.

Despite some frustrations when bicing racks are full, when bikes are not working, or when there are problems dropping off bikes, Bicing is undeniably a success.  Bicycling is clean, healthy and quiet and Bicing has introduced the use of a bike as a daily transport system to many residents of Barcelona.  A big benefit of using the bicing system, instead of owning your own bicycle, is bicycle theft.

As a Bicing user you have access to hundreds of bikes all over Barcelona, instead of one and you don't have to worry about it being stolen.

Bicing operation times:
Bicing barcelona - city bikes Sunday to Thursdays: 
Bicing stands open all day from except from midnight to 05.00.
During the night you can only drop-off bicing bikes, not pick them up.
Friday and Saturday: 

Bicing stands  open all hours of day for both pìck-up and drop-off of bikes.
On certain days during special events like big festivals the Bicing is open all night.

The bicing bike of Barcelona have 3 gears, an adjustable saddle and lights that switch on automatically at dusk. The operator of El Bicing in Barcelona is Clearchannel, who also manage successful Smartbike systems in other European cities like Oslo, Stockholm and Lyon. Clearchannelwas initially awarded a 10 year contract for Barcelona.  The Bicing cards are on sale on the Internet and over the counter at the Barcelona Bicing office. The bicing website (in Spanish and Catalan) has information about current and future Bicing locations and a real time map showing how many bicing bikes and parking places are available at each location.

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