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Spanish General Election 10N 2019

Elecciones a Cortes Generales en España

Election date: Sunday 10th November 2019
Election location: Barcelona and Spain

General Election Spain 2019. Elecciones a Cortes Generales en España. 

The Spanish general election elects 350 members to the Spanish Parliament, Cortes Generales.

Since democracy was established in 1978 Spain was governed alternately by two dominant political parties, left wing PSOE (The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party) and right wing PP (People's Party - Partido Popular).

The 2015 and 2016 general elections split both left and right wings with new parties Ciudadanos (Citizens) on the right and Podemos (We Can) on the left.

For 2019 the far-right Vox (Latin for "voice") political party in Spain is expected to further split results.

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Spanish General Election 10N 2019
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