Are there confirmed corona virus cases in Barcelona, Spain? Update 16th February 2020: still no coronavirus cases in Barcelona

Are there confirmed corona virus cases in Barcelona, Spain? Update 15th February 2020: still no coronavirus cases in BarcelonaRead More

The Coronavirus in Spain 

Updated 16 February 2020 #coronavirus or #COVID19

No - As of 16 February 2020 23:00 hrs there are still no reported coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona has been in the world news in recent days due to the cancellation of of the world's biggest technology exhibition in Barcelona called the Mobile World Congress - it was due to take place from 24th to 27th February 2020

It's important to understand that the decision to cancel the MWC exhbition was taken by the organisers, GSMA, following many cancellations by participating companies, who cancelled their presence for fear of spreading the coronavirus.

The cancellation of the event was made as a precautionary meaure only, because Barcelona still has NO confirmed cases of coronavirus infectios as of 13th February - and no confirmed cases in the Spanish province of Catalonia, where Barcelona is situated

At present there have only been only 2 coronavirus cases in Spain. Both have now tested negative.

One confirmed case was on the island of Mallorca, Spain where a British citizen had the virus and was quarantined. He has now tested negative.

A German patient was quarantined with a confirmed case of coronavirus on La Gomera island in the Canary Islands of Spain and this patient has also now tested negative. 

What is official name of coronavirus?

The official name of the disease caused by the coronavirus is COVID-19.

The official name of the coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2.

The most commonly used hashtag at the moment is #coronavirus or #COVID19

WHO advice to avoid coronavirus

For travellers in general we recommend following WHO travel advice. The best way to avoid contagion is handwashing and coughing into a tissue or sleeve, not into your hand

WHO advice to avoid Corona virus

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The full name of the coronavirus is Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

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