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La Monumental bull fighting ring - El Museo Taurino de Barcelona Popular

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 747, Barcelona,
Nearest Metro
Monumental L2
City District
Eixample: Eixample D
La Monumental bull fighting ring - El Museo Taurino de Barcelona
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La Monumental. Monumental bull fighting arena Barcelona. Museo Taurino. La Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona was the last active bull ring In Barcelona. It is located in the Eixample area of Barcelona. The year 2011 was the last season of bull fights in Barcelona with the season finale in September 2011. From 1st January 2012 bull fighting was banned in Catalonia after the Catalonia Parliament in July 2010 voted to abolish bullfighting on the grounds of animal cruelty.

Plaza Monumental was the last bull ring in use in Barcelona. It was designed in Neomudejar and Byzantine style by the architect Ignasi Mas i Martorell. The Monumental bull ring was inaugurated in 1914 and originally called 'El Sport.' In 1916 it was renamed 'Monumental.'

It had a seating capacity of just under 20.000 spectators. Until the Olympic games and the arrival of new and bigger arenas in the city, the Monumental bull ring was one of the few places in Barcelona that could fit a crowd of 25.000 with standing room in the arena.

Stars like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Dire Straits and Bruce Springsteen have all performed at the Monumental bull ring in Barcelona. La Monumental bull ring is still used for circus performances and other shows. The other former bull ring in Barcelona is called Las Arenas on Plaza Espanya, which is now home to a new shopping mall called Las Arenas

El Museo Taurino de Barcelona.  Bullfighting museum. The Monumental bull ring is home to El Museo Taurino de Barcelona bullfighting museum, which opened in 1969. It has a small but interesting display of bull fighting history in Barcelona and costumes of famous bullfighters, famous bull heads and other historical bullfighting documents and items.

El Museo Taurino de Barcelona opening times:
Monday to Friday 11am to 2pm 
Saturday and Sundays10 to 1pm
Ticket price €7

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