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Bicing - Barcelona city bikes Popular

Official Website
Plaça de Carles Pi i Sunyer, 8, Barcelona, 08002
Nearest Metro
Catalunya L3
City District
Ciutat Vella: La Ribera
+34 902315531
Bicing - Barcelona city bikes. Bicing is Barcelona's public bicycle borrowing scheme for permanent residents only. Tourists cannot rent city bikes. Residents can register online to get a Bicing city bike membership card, which allows them to borrow bicing bicycles from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Bicing is operational 24 hours d day and 365 days a year with 6,000 standard bikes and 1,000 electric bike. 

Bicing uses an app for users to pick up bicycles, check the correct return time and request 10 minutes of extra time if necessary.

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The cost is €50 a year (2019 prices) for an flat rate annual subscription, which gives 30 minutes free on mechanical bikes. Electric bikes have a small additional cost per 30 minutes. 

There is also a €35 per year fee which is a cheaper rate but then you pay a small amount to use the bikes for all time periods.

Visitors to Barcelona cannot use the bicing system.

Bicing works like this.

You pick up your city bike at a bicing pickup/drop off location.

Then you have 30 minutes to get to the pickup/drop off location near your destination.

If you exceed the first 30 minutes then there is an additional and small automatic charge to your account for every extra 30 minutes.

The maximum time you can use the same city bike is 2 hours. After that there is a penalty charge per hour for failing to drop off the bicing bike. After three penalty charges your bicing account is closed. In 2015 Bicing started testing electric city bikes.

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