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Complaints Barcelona taxis or taxi drivers - How to complain

Carrer Número 62, Barcelona, 08040
+34 932235151
Complaints Barcelona taxis or taxi drivers - How to complain
Complaints Barcelona Taxi. How to complain about Barcelona taxi or taxi drivers. Official Barcelona taxis are black and yellow. Each driver is registered and has a licence number.

You can send a complaint about Barcelona taxi's by downloading a complaint form from Instituto Metropolitano del Taxi Barcelona - the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Institute.

Remember to include driver name, taxi licence number and car license plate. You can find this on the receipt so we recommend always ask the taxi driver to print a receipt for you.

The receipt alwasy has the taxi driver's information, license number, NIF tax number, vehicle registration number, price of the taxi ride, and date of the taxi ride service.

Address to send complaints form:
l'Institut Metropolità del Taxi,
Carrer 62, núm. 18,
Edifici B
08040 Barcelona, Spain

Office telephone
+34 932235151

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