Christmas food traditions Barcelona

Christmas food Barcelona

What do they eat at Christmas in Barcelona Spain? What is the traditional Christmas cuisine? One of the typical Christmas dishes is Escudella i carn d'olla

: This is the broth, which is often served as a soup at the beginning of the meal. It is made by cooking a variety of meats, such as beef, pork, chicken, and sometimes lamb, along with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and celery. The broth is seasoned with salt and often includes a type of pasta known as "galets" or rice.

Carn d'olla: After serving the broth, the meats and vegetables used to make the broth are typically placed on a platter and served separately as a second course. The meats may include sausages, black pudding (blood sausage), botifarra (Catalan sausage), and various cuts of pork and beef. The vegetables are often simple, such as potatoes and cabbage.

A typical Christmas dessert in Spain and Barcelona is turrón, which is on sale at Christmas markets and supermarkets everywhere in Barcelona.

Traditional turrón is nougat made with almonds, hazelnuts and honey. Turrón now comes in many delicious varieties. 

El Pa de Nadal Christmas bread in Catalonia is called El Pa de Nadal and sold all over Barcelona. "Pa de Nadal" translates to "Christmas Bread" in Catalan. Christmas bread is often enriched with ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, and sometimes chocolate or candied peel to give it a special flavor and texture.

The exact recipe for Christmas bread can vary, and different families or regions may have their own variations. The bread may be shaped into different forms, such as a round loaf or a braided wreath, and it's not uncommon for people to share or give Christmas bread as a gift.

As with many traditional holiday foods, the specific preparation and ingredients may vary, and families often pass down their own recipes from generation to generation. If you're interested in trying El Pa de Nadal, you might find variations in local bakeries or explore recipes to make it at home.

In recent years Panettone, an Italian sweet bread made with raisins and candied fruit, has become increasingly popular.


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Not all restaurants remain open during the Barcelona Christmas season. Typically, larger chain restaurants and hotel restaurants are open during the holiday season. To ensure a wonderful dining experience and avoid disappointment, we recommend checking with restaurants in advance to confirm restaurant Christmas opening times and reservations.

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Most shops are closed both on both 25th and 26th December in Barcelona.  For grocery shopping the "SuperCor" convenience stores have a good selection of basic food items and are open on 26th December. Many small local convenience shops will be open too.

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