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Trobada Nacional de Gegants - National Giants Meeting

Celebrating 6 centuries of giant figures in Catalan culture

Event date:
Sunday 28th April 2024

Event time:
10 am. to 1 pm.

Parade start:
Four parades of giants that start at four different locations from north, east, south and west: Parc de la Ciutadella, the Rafael de Casanova monument, the Born and Estació del Nord and all meeting at Arc de Triomf.


National Meeting of Giants. Barcelona celebrates the 600th anniversary of the first written reference to a municipal gegant, or giant figure. The National Meeting of Giants is on Sunday, 28 April 2024. Over one hundred groups of giant carriers will be taking part. There will be four processions by giant groups, each starting from a different location in Barcelona. The locations are Parc de la Ciutadella, the Rafael de Casanova monument, the Born and Estació del Nord. The four parades come together at the Arc de Triomf on the Passeig de Lluís Companys. The event will be rounded off with a ceremonial dance by the Agrupació’s Giants and the City Giants, as well as a final dance featuring all of the groups taking part. 

What are giants
These wonderful giant figures are hollow papier-maché figures built on a wooden frame which is usually three or four metres meters high. They are carried by 'geganters' - which means 'giant-carrier.'  The upper part of the figure is dressed and painted and the lower part where the geganter is positioned is covered by a skirt. A giants parade is typically accompanied by Catalan folk music bands. 

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Various locations in Barcelona

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Trobada Nacional de Gegants - National Giants Meeting 2024
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