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La Mercè Toc d’Inici - Opening procession

Seguici Inaugural

Event date:
Friday 22 September 2023

Event time: 
7pm - 19:00

Event location:
Gothic area of Barcelona

Parade route:

Starts at Palau de la Virreina on La Rambla 99, down la Rambla, Ferran street and finishes Plaça de Sant Miquel


Seguici Inaugural and Toc d’Inici (starting touch). The Seguici Inaugural featuring medieval mythical figures of bestiari de Barcelona: the City Eagle, the Lion, the Mule, the Ox, the Wyvern, the Dragon, the Tarasca, the Pi Giants, the capgrossos Macers, the Cavallets Cotoners, the Santa Maria del Mar Giants, the Falcons de Barcelona and the stick dancers known as the Ball de Bastons del Seguici, accompanied by the Trabucaires d’en Perot Rocaguinarda, the city’s devils’ groups and the Ministrers del Camí Ral folk minstrels who provide the music for this festive procession.

This year’s Seguici Inaugural also features Olga and Volodymyr, the pair of giants gifted to Barcelona by the 2023 festival guest city of Kyiv.

These figures and the rest of the participants in the Seguici Inaugural will gather in the foyer of the Palau de la Virreina on La Rambla number 99 behind closed doors. At 7 pm exactly the doors of the building will open and the ceremony begins, with a parade of the different groups, the devils’ groups bringing up the rear. Fire, fun, colour and music to get the city’s big annual festival under way.

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La Mercè - Toc d’Inici - Opening Parade 2023
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