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2019 DST ends in Spain

Clocks turn back 

Daylight Savings Time - summer time - ends in Spain and Clocks turn back 1 hour at 03.00 on Sunday, October 27th 2019

DST Spain date:
Sunday, October 27th 2019
DST Spain time: Clocks turn back 1 hour at 3am
Location: Barcelona and Spain

When does Spanish DST end in 2019?

DST Spain, Day Light Savings time, also called summer time, ends in Spain on Sunday, October 27th 2019.

This means means 1 extra hour sleep on morning of Sunday 28th!

Clocks should be turned back one hour at 03.00 in the morning on Sunday morning 28th October 2018, so that 03:00 becomes 02:00 when 2018 summer time - also called 'Daylight Savings Time' - ends in Spain.

This might be last time this happens because the European Union has proposed abolishing the DST time in future

Don't forget this or you will be 1 hour early for everything on Sunday.

DST Spain starts at the end of March 2019

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