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El Plaça del Rei is a small and very historic square in Barcelona's gothic area. It is home to The Royal Palace - El Palacio Real Mayor - Palau Reial Major - which is a complex of three buildings and was the residence of the counts of Barcelona and later of the kings of the Crown of Aragon.

The three buildings which comprise the Palau Reial Major on the Plaça del Rei are Salón del Tinell, Capilla palatina de Santa Ágat and Palau del Lloctinen

Salón del Tinell - the Tinell hall - built by King Pere IV of Aragon " el Ceremonioso" between years 1359 y 1362. The Saló del Tinell occupies the interior of the original 11th-century building built over a pre-existing monumental structure from the Visigoth age and rebuilt in the 14th century by Pere IV. The Tinell hall is where Christopher Columbus was received by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella on his return from discovering the Americas.

Capilla palatina de Santa Ágat - the Palatine Chapel of St. Agatha -  La capilla palatina de Santa Ágata which is a Catalan Gothic church built in the year 1302 by King Jaime II de Aragón as a royal chapel

Palau del Lloctinent - Lloctinent Palace - built in the year 1549 by King Charles I (Carlos V) which housed the general archive of the Crown of Aragon from 1836 to 1994. Also from this period is the so-called Mirador of King Martin, a five-storey tower from 1555. 

After the 16th century the complex was no longer used as royal residence, and was used by the Spanish Inquisition and the royal administration.

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