What is a Marian experience?

What is a Marian experience?

In the Catholic faith, when the blessed Virgin Mary appears to someone, it is termed a “Marian experience."

Following such a miraculous appearance, the Virgin appearance is is often given a name to commerate the event.

For example, the name could be the Virgin of Mercy - Virgin de La Mercè, which is the name of one of Barcelona's three patron saints and refers to the Virgin Mary appearing in Barcelona to the knight Pere Nolasc in 1218 in the city of Barcelona.

The name of a Marian experience can also refer to a place where the Virgin Mary appeared, or to the context of her appearance or presence.

In the Barcelona province alone there are around eight Virgin Mary denominations.

Marian experience names can be used as girls' names.

A Spanish girl named Mercedes might have the full name 'María Mercedes' from the Virgin Mary meaning 'Mary of the Mercies'.

Another example is the girl's name Pilar.  A girl named Pilar in Spain might have the full name 'María Pilar.'

The name Pilar is derived from the Marian experience in Zaragoza / Saragossa when the Virgin Mary appeared on a pillar in Zaragoza in the year 40 AD and received the title 'La Virgen del Pilar' which means the 'Virgin of the Pillar.' 

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