How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona

How to get to Montserrat monastery from Barcelona

Is there a train from Barcelona to Montserrat?

there are daily trains from Barcelona to the valley of Montserrat mountain.

What is the train line called?

The train line is R5 train from Pl. Espanya to Manresa. Map R5
SEARCH train times from Pl. Espanya station to Monistrol de Montserrat station

Which stations?

Start at Pl Espanya station in Barcelona

You have 2 options to get off the train and visit Montserrat.

Option 1:
You can get off at station Aeri de Montserrat and then take the Aeri de Montserrat cable car up to the monastery.

Option 2
You can do not get off at the Aeri de Montserrat station but continue on the same train and get off at the  Monistrol de Montserrat station.
at the Monistrol de Montserrat station you walk over to a mountain train - called Cremallera de Montserrat. 
The mountain train will take you up the Montserrat mountainside to the Montserrat monastery.

How long is journey time of train to Montserrat?

The train journey time is about 2 hours from Barcelona to Montserrat mountain.

Timetable trains to Montserrat

FGC trains go to Montserrat once an hour starting at 8:36 am

Which station does train for Montserrat leave?

The train for Montserrat leaves from Espanya station 

Espanya station is on Plaça d'Espanya - Plaza de España (near Arenas shopping center in former bullring and near Magic Fountain)

Espanya station has regional and metro train lines, so you can get to Espanya station by metro

Where can I buy train tickets to Montserrat?

You can buy train tickets to Montserrat at Espanya station - or at Barcelona tourist offices - or online.

Types of Montserrat train tickets

There are 2 types of ticket - a train ticket only - or a combination ticket.

   Train only ticket - €16,40
   What is included

   > return ticket from Espanya station Monistrol de Montserrat station 
   > includes rack train (cremallera) ticket to/fromvalley to monastery area.

   COMBINATION train ticket  
   Price €50,95
(€31.60 without meals)
   What is included:

   A combination ticket includes the following:

   > metro ticket to Espanya station
   > return train ticket from Barcelona to Montserrat,
   > Cremallera rack railway (also called cog train) up to/down from Monastery area,
   > funicular train tickets (smaller train at the monastery area that go further up and down mountain
   > tickets to Montserrat Museum,
   > tickets to 'Inside Montserrat' Audiovisual Space
   > lunch at cafeteria

Buy tickets online

FGC train/rack train ticket
Buy combo ticket

To Montserrat mountain by car

Montserrat is 61km west of Barcelona. Driving time is about 50 minutes depending on traffic. You can park very close to the Montserrat monastery. Or you can park at the free parking at the rack railway station or at the parking by the cable car station.

Route to cable car station
Route to rack train station Montserrat

Montserrat visitor rules

The Sanctuary of Montserrat is a religious area and a public space. Kindly act and dress appropriately. 

At entrance to the Basilica and the Tabernacle of Our Lady: 

- You may take photos inside the Basilica, provided you do so without flash and no services are being held. 
- At the Throne of Our Lady, it is best not to take photos, as it slows down the queue and disturbs others. 
- During acts of worship, we ask you not to enter the Basilica unless you wish to take part. Please wait until the services are finished. 
- The Tabernacle of Our Lady is closed during services to make it easier for the faithful to take part and attain an ambiance of silence and prayer. 

The Crypt, the Holy Chapel and the Tabernacle: these are places of worship. 

Please do not enter unless it is for devoting a few minutes of prayer and meditation.

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