Why Kindle is great for reading on vacation

Why Kindle is great for reading on vacation

Paperback books are great for reading at home, but for vacations there are many reasons to read on an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. 

It's light, which cuts down travelling weight. The screen makes it very easy and comfortable to read on the beach and in bright sunlight. 

It's digital so you can have many books on your Kindle on vacation!

That means that you could have a travel guide to Barcelona, a historic novel, a collection of short stories and flip between them during your stay. 

You can adjust the text size which is nice for different light conditions.

You can read Kindle e-books on your Kindly but also on your smartphone or tablet too - and you can synchronize the books you are reading on your Kindle device with your other devices. 

There's more. You can download a free sample of a book to see if you like the writing style

And if you finish your book on vacation just use any WiFi connection to buy another one - so you are never without a book

For travellers it's really a great option and to be honest - after you have tried Kindle - it's difficult to go back to paperbacks.

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