What to wear in Barcelona in November

What to wear in Barcelona in November?

What to pack for a visit to Barcelona in November?

We recommend that you pack and wear warm autumn/fall clothes in Barcelona in November.

The weather in Barcelona in November can vary a lot but generally it's quite cold.

Barcelona air temperatures in the shade in November are from day 16C/60F to night 11C/50F.

It can feel warm and mild during the day, if the sun is out and there is light wind, but can also be very chilly. Generally long sleeves and pants are recommended and warm clothes.


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At night, so it’s generally a good idea to wear warm clothes and de-layer if necessary.

Bring a pair of shorts or skirts in case of mild weather - it can happen -  but generally we recommend that you dress warmly.

Bring a warm jacket or fleece, long trousers or skirt and sweater or cardigan.

It is colder inland and at higher altitudes, so you have booked day tours to Montserrat mountain, or boat tours, then bring cap and gloves too.

If you have booked day tours to Andorra or the Pyrenees mountains, then bring warm winter clothes and boots too, because there can be snow in the mountains and sub-zero temperatures from mid-November. 

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We recommend that you read our guide about how to avoid Barcelona pickpockets which has many safety tips about visiting Barcelona and leaving with all your possession intact.

With a few simple precautions you should not have problems with pickpockets.

Is there a dress code for Barcelona night clubs?

Top Barcelona night clubs and have a strict dress code, so pack nice shoes, long trousers and a nice shirt or polo-shirt for the men and something elegant for the ladies.

If you need to buy something to wear that you forgot to pack at the last minute, then visit our Barcelona shopping guide where you can find tips on where to shop and where to find Barcelona shopping malls in the city. There are two big Barcelona outlet shopping malls a little bit outside the city center.

For basic items like buying last minute a polo shirt, a dress shirt or black shoes, then the most convenient place is probably El Corte Ingles department store on Barcelona's central square Plaça de Catalunya. They have everything and there is also a supermarket in the basement.

In November there are great shopping deals on the Barcelona Black Friday shopping day (Viernes Negro) which usually is on the same date as in the USA. Visit our Barcelona Events calendar to find the Black Friday and more Barcelona November events.

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