Vía Catalana hacia la Independencia - Catalan Way Towards Independence

La Vía Catalana

Human chain 11th September 2013

'Vía Catalana hacia la Independencia' - 'Catalan Way Towards Independence'

The Vía Catalana - the Catalan way is the name giving to a planned 400km human chain of Catalans holding hands from north to south of the country on 11th September 2013, Catalonia’s National Day, to support Catalan independance from Spain. It is organised by pro-independence supporters and will go through some iconic Catalan places like the Camp Nou stadium, La Sagrada Familia, Ciutadella Park, Plaza Sant Jaume, the street Passeig de Gracia among others and it will go through the biggest cities in Catalunya including Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona. Many prominent Catalans will join the chain including Barcelona's mayor and other political leaders. 

The Via Catalana chain for change is a peaceful civil protest is organised by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) This demonstration is inspired by the ‘Baltic Way’ of 23rd of August 1989 when two million people formed a 670 km-long human chain crossing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to support independence from the Soviet Union.

In the week up to 11th September 2013 some international Via Catalana human chain have been made in various international cities to highlight the main event on 11th September. 

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