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La Patum de Berga Festival 2017

Event date: Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th June 2017 (not confirmed)
Event location: Berga near Barcelona
La Patum de Berga Festival. Berga's famous traditional festival of "La Patum" is during Corpus Christi every year. UNESCO has declared the Fiesta of La Patum de Berga as a  Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The Patum festival features a series of parades, street shows, characters and figures that fill the streets of Berga every spring. The Patum festival dates back to the Middle Ages and features Turcs i Caballets (Turks and Horses), Maces (devils holding maces), Guites (dragons), Àliga (Eagle), Nans Vells (Old Dwarves), Gegants (Giants) and Nans Nous (New Dwarves). Fire and dance plays a central role in the festival. 

The Patum festival highlight is the 'full Patum'called Patum Completa in Catalan language which is usually at 9.30pm on the Thursday and Sunday of Corpus Christi period. It features the 'salto de plens' which are the fire devils jumping to the rhythm of music.

There is also a children's version of the Patum festival.

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La Patum de Berga Festival 2017
10.06.2017 - 18.06.2017
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