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James Blunt concert 2024 Barcelona

Concert date
Wednesday 17th July 2024

Concert venue
Poble Espanyol on Montjuic hill.

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James Blunt, the British singer-songwriter, catapulted to global acclaim with his debut album, "Back to Bedlam," featuring the iconic ballad "You're Beautiful." His distinct voice, a blend of vulnerability and strength, has made him a prominent figure in the music industry. Born into a family with a military background, Blunt's unexpected transition from the army to the music scene marked the beginning of a remarkable career. Beyond his melancholic hits, Blunt showcases versatility in his discography, offering a range of emotional ballads and energetic anthems. Offstage, Blunt's witty and humorous persona on social media has endeared him to fans worldwide. His candid approach to life's nuances, reflected in his lyrics, adds an authentic touch to his music.

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Event address & map

El Poble Espanyol
Av Frances Ferrer i Guardia, 23
Postal Code:
Country: es

How to get to Poble Espanyol

Address: Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 23

El Poble Espanyol
. Poble Espanyol in the Catalan language means Spanish village. Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) is located on Montjuic hill near Plaza España. The Spanish village in Barcelona is both an open air museum in Barcelona and an event venue and attraction. Poble Espanyol has 40 handicraft shops, several excellent restaurants, a popular open air summer club La Terrrazza and one of Barcelona best flamenco shows called El Tablao de Carmen. Poble Espanyol village is the venue for many outdoor festivals, concerts and activities . Poble Espanyol village was constructed in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exhibition as a one of the Spanish pavilion. The idea was to present an authentic Spanish 'village' in the middle of Barcelona but showcasing the styles and characteristics of the many regional areas and cultures of the Spanish peninsula. The result was 117 different buildings, streets and squares. Poble Espanyol organises many popular events, concerts and festivals including Poble Espanyol Christmas festival and Poble Espanyol New Year Party.

Admission tickets:
TICKETS Poble Espanyol

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Nearest Metro station
The nearest metro station to Poble Espanyol is station Espanya on Plaza Espanya
Info Plaza Espanya metro station
L1 and L3 and FGC train lines.
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Bus lines
Bus lines H12, 13, 50, 91

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James Blunt concert - Barcelona
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James Blunt concert - Barcelona
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