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Barcelona New Year's Swim 2023 

Primer Bany de L'Any 2023
Event date: 1st January 2023
Event time: 12.00 noon
Event location:  CNAB sports club - Sant Sebastià beach on Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 14

New Year Swim Barcelona

Primer Bany de L'Any 2023. New Years Day Swim Barcelona. The first swim of the year is a fun tradition of celebrating the New Year in Barcelona.

This popular first swim of the year is called 'Primer Bany de l'Any' and takes place on 1st January at the Sant Sebastià beach in front of the CNAB Club Natació Atlètic on Sant Sebastià beach in Barceloneta area of Barcelona's old city Ciutat Vella. 

Participation is free and registration is not required. 

However, if you do register for the swim at the swimming club reception, then you will be able to have a hot shower in the club house and get a diploma after the swim.

The sea temperature will be around 14C and the air temperature can be as high as 18C depending on the sun.

Around 400 happy bathers usually take the plunge.  

Happy New Year! 

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Club Natació Atlètic - Municipal Sports centre in Barcelona on the beach of San Sebastia near Barceloneta. This gym has swimming pools and fitness centre for members. Non-members can buy a one day entrance ticket. The traditional Barcelona New Year's swim and the first swim of the year is called 'Primer Bany de l'Any!". This is a collective dip in the sea on 1st January every New Years Day and takes place on the San Sebastia beach in front of the Club Natació Atlètic.

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New Years Day Swim Barcelona 2023
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