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Barcelona Summer sales

Rebajas de Verano 2024 Barcelona

Event date:
Friday 28 June to 31st August 2019

Event location:
Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona summer sales are called 'Rebajas de Verano' and start on Friday 28th June in Barcelona and continues until end August. In July shops will be open on Sunday June 30 and Sunday July 7th 2019. The weekend of 6th and 7th is forecast to be the busiest shopping weekend of the summer sales. Barcelona shops are normally closed on Sundays and on public holidays (except for 8 special shopping days during the year when shops can choose to be open.) Barcelona shopping centers that are open on Sundays all year are the Maremagnum mall in Barcelona's Port Vell marina and the luxury outlet La Roca Village outside Barcelona.

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Barcelona summer sales 2024 - Rebajas de Verano
01.07.2024 - 31.07.2024
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