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Barcelona San Silvestre 10K 2024

Barcelona 2024 - La Cursa dels Nassos - Sant Silvestre run

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31st December 2024

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Usually junction Selva de Mar / Plaça de Ramon Calsina in Sant Marti district of Barcelona 

Same place: Carrer de Selva de Mar (at junction of Plaça Ramon Calsina)

Route map 

START: Carrer de Selva de Mar (at the height of Plaça Ramon Calsina) Carrer de Selva de Mar, Passeig de Garcia Faria, Passeig Calvell, Rotonda Carrer de la Llacuna (sea side), Carrer de la Llacuna (Llobregat side), Carrer de Salvador Espriu, Plaça dels Voluntaria (mountain side), Carrer de Salvador Espriu (mountain side), Carrer del Dr Aiguader, Plaça de Pau Vila, Pla de Palau, Avinguda del Marquès de l'Argentera (sea side), Passeig de Picaso, turn of 180º, Passeig de Picaso, Passeig de Circumvalació (mountain side) , Avinguda Icària, Carrer de la Marina, Carrer de Llull, Carrer de la Llacuna, Avinguda Diagonal (sea side), Carrer de Selva de Mar.


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La Cursa dels Nassos-Sant Silvestre is Barcelona's 10k New Year Run. The Sant Silvestre new year run is a Spanish tradition. The biggest Sant Silvestre run is in Madrid. Barcelona also has a Sant Silvestre New Years run called 'La Cursa dels Nassos-Sant Silvestre' which means the Barcelona Saint Sylvester Nose Run.

This name is inspired by the Catalan new years tradition of L'home dels nassos figure which means 'Noses man.' The legend of the Noses man is that he is a man with many noses who walks the streets of Barcelona on New Year's Day.

L'home dels nassos has as many noses on his face, as there are days left in the year. Many children think that the Noses man has 365 noses, but of course, New Years Day is the last day of the year, so he only has one nose! 

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Dorsal and chip collection for the new year run is the Adidas shop on the second floor of the El Corte Inglés Building in Portal de l’Àngel. Information

- 14,000 places 
- 2022 entry fee €14  
- Minimum age limit 16 years
- Nearest Metro station Selva de Mar L4 yellow line.
- Nearest tram line Selva de Mar stop T4 tram line

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New Years 10k Run  Barcelona - Noses Run - San Silvestre La Cursa dels Nassos
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New Years 10k Run Barcelona - Noses Run - San Silvestre La Cursa dels Nassos
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