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Fira per la Terra 2023 - Girona

Earth Day Fair  - 2 Day Eco-festival

Latest news: Fira per la Terra 2024 did not take place.

Event date:
Sat 22 & Sun 23 April 2023

Event location:
Parc de la Devesa, Girona

Fira per la Terra - Mercat de la Terra. This festival has from Barcelona moved to Girona, which is 1 hour north of Barcelona.The Fira per la Terra is an annual two day eco-fair and market that takes place in connection with the international Earth Day which is on 22nd April every year. The Earth Day Fair has taken place in Catalonia since 1996 and is organised by the Associació Dia de la Terra - Catalunya. It was in Barcelona for the first 24 editions. Editions 25 and 26 were virtual editions, due to the Covid pandemic. The 27th edition in 2023 was in Girona. Earth Day is celebrated across the globe. The Fira per la Terra festival's aims are to fight climate change and showcase a wide range of environmentally friendly products both local, ecological and recycled.

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Fira per la Terra 2023 - Earth Fair Girona
22.04.2023 - 23.04.2023
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