Where is the Barcelona red light district.

Barcelona red light district

Barcelona has a very shady sort of 'red-light' scene and district which is located the port end of Las Ramblas street. It's not really safe and not recommended.

This red light area becomes active after 2 am when street prostitutes - mostly of African origin - offer sexual services, either in side-streets or in very seedy apartments in nearby Raval area. Our advice is not to solicit prostitutes and to exercise extreme caution to avoid theft, either on the street or in the brothel apartments. 

Prostitution is legal and regulated in Spain. (2021 information) However, the exact laws and regulations surrounding prostitution can vary from region to region. In general, prostitution is considered to be a lawful activity as long as it is performed by consenting adults and does not involve exploitation or coercion.

The sale and purchase of sexual services is permitted in designated areas, and sex workers must register with the authorities and undergo regular health checks. Brothels and pimping are illegal.

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