Barcelona Yellow ribbons. Why are there yellow ribbons in Barcelona and what do they mean?

Barcelona Yellow ribbons

Update July 2021

Why do some people in barcelona, Spain wear yellow ribbons? What are the yellow ribbons in Barcelona? Why are they there? What do they symbolize? 

The yellow awareness ribbons in Barcelona and in Catalonia region of Spain were in support of politicians and former members of the regional government of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia, who were in prison or exile and who are accused or convicte of various charges including rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds.

Alle of these prisoners were pardoned in 2021 and the yellow ribbons are less common. 

This website you are visiting now is called BarcelonaYellow in reference to being a kind of yellow pages for tourists visiting Barcelona, Spain -  Barcelonayellow has nothing to do with the yellow ribbons in Barcelona which are placed - or painted - in public places by private citizens and also by some government offices.

Traditionally yellow ribbons are commonly used as a symbol to support of the following causes: combat troops, POW/MIA (Prisoners of War, Missing in Action), suicide awareness, adoptive parents, spina bifida, sarcoma, missing children, bladder, liver, and bone cancer, craniofacial acceptance, and endometriosis.

The accused Catalan/Spanish politicians who were either in prison or in exile awaiting extradition by the central Spanish Government - played a central role in organising an illegal referendum on 1st October 2017 about independence from Spain.

After the illegal referendum the regional parliament passed a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain in the Catalalonian parliament for the region of Spain called Catalonia.

The question of Catalonia's right to independence is a long standing and contentious issue and we will not go further into it here because we are a tourist website, not a political forum
You can find more information about the Catalan Independence movement on Wikipedia.

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