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Pictures Montserrat mountain Barcelona

Pictures Montserrat mountain Barcelona

Montserrat mountain and monastery Barcelona

Montserrat mountain is home to the Basilica de Montserrat and Montserrat Benedictine abbey. The abbey is called "Monasterio de Santa María de Montserrat" and in the Catalan language "Monestir de Santa Maria de Montserrat". Montserrat is one of Barcelona and Spain's most famous tourist attractions with breathtaking scenery, unique rock formations, panoramic views and 1000 years of legend, culture and history.

Montserrat is home to the "Santuari de La mar de Déu" the "Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat" which is one of Spain’s most famous Benedictine monasteries, the Monestir de Montserrat and home to the famous Black virgin of Montserrat. The Montserrat monastery has a history spanning almost a thousand years since it was founded in 1025 by Abbot Oliba. The current abbot of Montserrat is Manel Gasch. Montserrat celebrates its millennium anniversary for 15 months from September 7 2024 until December 8, 2025. The Montserrat millenium celebrations comprise religious, cultural and social activities and a music festival with fifteen concerts.  

Montserrat is just one hour from Barcelona and is visited by millions of travellers and pilgrims each year. Montserrat monastery is also a location in bestselling author Dan Brown's latest novel 'Origin' published in October 2017.

How to get to Montserrat from Barcelona
Private Tour to Montserrat for small groups with hotel pick-up

The name Montserrat means "serrated mountain." Serrated, or jagged mountain is a perfect name for this unusual and jagged mountain massif. The name originates from Roman times, when it was named Mons Serratus in Latin. It is also, but much less frequently, called Montsagrat by the Catalan people, which means “sacred mountain.”  

Pictures Montserrat mountain

Below: Montserrat Monastery seen from the Funicular de Sant Joan, which is one of the two funicular trains that are at the monastery area. This funicular railway gives visitors a spectacular panoramic view of Montserrat, 1,000 m above sea level.

Montserrat mountain Barcelona

The journey up Sant Joan funicular is a unique experience, with a steep slope gradient (more than 65%), travelling 503 metres. The Sant Joan funicular opened in 1918 to connect the monastery with Sant Joan Chapel near the top of the mountain. It has recently been completely modernised, with new panoramic vehicles

St. Michael's cross. Cruz de San Miguel at Montserrat. From here there are beautiful views towards the Monastery, of the Bages plain and the Pyrenees and towards Barcelona city and the Mediterranean sea.

St. Michael's cross. Cruz de San Miguel at Montserrat

Montserrat basilica

The Basilica de Montserrat monastery is home to the famous Montserrat black virgin sculpture called "La Moreneta" La Moreneta is 12th century wooden sculpture which is venerated for her healing powers and miracles.

La Virgen de Montserrat - La Moreneta

One of the popular things to do on visit to Montserrat monastery is to hear the Montserrat boys choir sing. The Montserrat boys choir is one of the oldest boys’ choirs in Europe. It is called the "Escolania de Montserrat.

The boys choir sing in the Basilica from Monday to Friday at 1pm, when they sing two pieces, the Salve and the Virolai which takes about 10 to 15 minutes in total. It is a good tip to be inside the church 30 minutes before they sing in the winter and 45 minutes before in the summer.

The boys choir does not sing on Saturdays and they do not sing on Spanish school summer holidays which are from end June to mid September or during Christmas school holidays. The boys choir sings at 11.00 for mass on Sundays. A couple of times a year the boys choir are on tour.

Escolania de Montserrat boys choir

Private day tour Montserrat - small groups - hotel pickup


Below: The Escala de l'Enteniment - Monument a Ramon Llull (Stairway to Understanding) is a magnifiscent sculpture from 1976 by artist Josep M. Subirachs. It is often called "Stairway to Heaven" or "Steps to Heaven" sculpture and is located near the visitors center at the entrance to Montserrat monastery


Private Tour to Montserrat for small groups with hotel pick-up


Sunrise views of Montserrat mountain near Barcelona


The "Santa Cova de Montserrat" chapel is perched on the mountain side of Montserrat. Legend has it that the Virgin of Montserrat sculpture was found here by shepherd boys in the 9th century. They found the Virgin of Montserrat in the cave behind the Santa Cova chapel.

It is possible to visit the Santa Cova, but the present Virgin of Montserrat sculpture is in the basilica and not in the Santa Cova.

Santa Cova - Montserrat

Montserrat is home to the "Santuari de La mar de Déu" the "Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat" which is one of Spain’s most famous Benedictine monasteries, the Monestir de Montserrat and home to the famous Black virgin of Montserrat.

The Montserrat monastery was founded in 1025 by Bishop Oliba, Abat Oliba, who was the first Abbot of Montserrat.

Abbot Oliba - founder of Montserrat

Aerial view of Montserrat mountain which is about 1 hour west of Barcelona

Aerial view of Montserrat mountain

Montserrat church is usually full for the daily performance at 1pm of Salve and Virolai by the boys choir "Escolania de Montserrat." The boys choir does not sing during school holidays and on Saturdays.

Monserrat boys' choirs Escolania de Montserrat



St. Michael's cross - Cruz de San Miguel at Montserrat


Plaza de Santa María at Montserrat monastery

Basilica de Montserrat monastery

Sunset views from Montserrat towards Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea


Views towards the snow-capped Pyrenees mountains which can be seen from Montserrat mountain on a clear day


Montserrat mountain views

Montserrat facilities include a mountain cog railway station to take visitors up from the Llobregat valley to the monastery area. At the monastery area there are 2 funicular railways, a gift shop, an art museum, a 3 star hotel called Hotel Abat Cisneros and several restaurants and cafeterias


 Montserrat monastery plaza

Monastery seen from Funicular de Sant Joan, which is one of the two funicular trains that are at the monastery area

Montserrat monastery views

Montserrat mountains

Boundary cross from 15th century

Basilica de Montserrat monastery

The peculiar conglomerate rock that forms Montserrat mountain.

Montserrat mountain rock formation

Visitors can choose to take a cable car up to Monserrat monastery

Montserrat Aeri cable car

Hiking paths from valley up to Montserrat mountain 

Montserrat mountains hiking

Breathtaking views from Montserrat mountain

Montserrat mountains views



Atrium and entrance to the Montserrat Basilica

Basilica de Montserrat monastery

Basilica de Montserrat monastery

Abat Oliba - Bishop Oliba, founder of Montserrat monastery in the year1025

Abat Oliba - founder of Montserrat monastery

The monastery area has a free shuttle bus for people with limited mobility which starts from around 10am.

Bus Montserrat monastery

There are three train stations by the monastery. The "Cremallera de Montserrat" is the rack railway train from the valley up to the monastery area.

The "Funicular de la Santa Cova" and "Funicalar de Sant Joan" are funicular mountain trains to different locations on Montserrat mountain.

Cremallera de Montserrat

The Cremallera de Montserrat goes from FGC station"Monistrol de Montserrat" up to the Basilica de Montserrat monastery

Cremallera de Montserrat

The Funicular de Sant Joan looks almost vertical from the bottom

Funicular de Sant Joan

Funicular de Montserrat

Take the train to FGC station "Montserrat Aeri" to take the cable car up to Montserrat. See how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona

Montserrat Aeri cable car

View from bottom of Montserrat cable car

View from bottom of Montserrat cable car

Montserrat Aeri cable car

Montserrat is a popular location for climbers. There is a small camp site for climbers and hikers near the monastery called "Area Esportiva i D'Acampada."

Montserrat climbing

See if you can spot the two climbers above on this picture?

Montserrat climbing

Can you see the Sant Dimes hermitage wedged between 2 rocks? 


Montserrat cliff house



Montserrat Elephant rock and Eygptian mummy (La Momia) rock

Montserrat rock formations

Montserrat mountain has many amazing rock formations and almost all of them have names. The Elephant rock on Montserrat mountain is perhaps the most famous rock on Montserrat because of its natural shape of an elephant head and trunk.

Montserrat rock formations

Montserrat has many walking paths and miradors viewing points with fantastic views

Montserrat mirador cross

Saint George St Jordi sculpture by Subirachs. You might recognise the Subirachs style from the passion facade of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Sculpture by Subirachs at Montserrat

Famous rock formations Elephant and Mummy at Montserrat

Images Montserrat Barcelona


Views Montserrat mountain


Rock formation Montserrat mountain



Sunrise at Montserrat. To experience this you can stay at the Hotel Abat Cisneros

Images Montserrat Barcelona


Images Montserrat Barcelona

Private Tour to Montserrat for small groups with hotel pick-up
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Address and map Montserrat Barcelona

Shakira video "Empire" - filmed at Montserrat and at Colònia Sedó industrial village near Montserrat

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