Pictures Sant Miquel del Fai monastery

Pictures Sant Miquel del Fai

Access is temporarily closed for renovation. (2022)

Sant Miquel del Fai is an wonderful area of natural beauty just one hour from Barcelona in the valley 'Vall del Tenes.' Enjoy wonderful views, caves, walks and waterfalls of the Tenes river

Visit the cave 'la Cova de les Tosques,' the 9th century hermitage 'l'ermita de Sant Martí' and the romanic church of Sant Miquel 'L'església de Sant Miquel,' built in the 10th century using mountain caves.

The visitors area of Sant Miquel del Fai has a picnic area, audiovisual room, museum, cafeteria and gift shop at the Monastery.

The monastery Sant Miquel del Fai can be booked for weddings.

Map & website Sant Miquel del Fai

Views of the Tenes Valley - Vall del Tenes


Waterfalls at Sant Miquel del Fai


Walking path behind waterfall


15th century monastery perched on a cliff


Tribute to Catalan writer Josep Pla


Romanic church of Sant Miquel - "L'església de Sant Miquel" - built in the 10th century using mountain cave as the roof



La Cova de les Tosques


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