Biography of Lluís Companys i Jover

Biography of Lluís Companys i Jover

Lluís Companys was a prominent Catalan politician who played a significant role in the political and social history of Catalonia and Spain during the 20th century. 

Full Name:
Lluís Companys i Jover

Born on June 21, 1882, in El Tarròs, Catalonia, Spain.

Early Life:
Companys grew up in a modest family in Catalonia. He pursued a career in law and became a lawyer, eventually establishing his own law practice.

Political Career:
Companys was a fervent advocate for Catalan nationalism and regional autonomy. He joined the Republican Left of Catalonia (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya) and quickly rose through the ranks of the party.

President of Catalonia:
In 1934, amid political unrest and calls for greater autonomy, Companys was elected as the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia. During his presidency, he declared the establishment of a Catalan State within the Spanish Republic, leading to his brief arrest and the suspension of Catalan autonomy by the Spanish government.

Civil War and Exile:
With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Companys supported the Republican side. After the Nationalists' victory in the war, he went into exile. His political activities during this time included involvement in the Republican government-in-exile.

Return and Execution:
In 1940, Companys was arrested by the Gestapo in France and handed over to the Spanish authorities. He was imprisoned and subjected to a show trial by the Francoist regime. On October 15, 1940, Lluís Companys was executed by firing squad in Barcelona in the moat of Montjuic castle, becoming a symbol of Catalan and anti-fascist resistance. He is buried in Montjuic cemetary.

Lluís Companys is remembered for his unwavering commitment to Catalan autonomy and his role as a leader during a tumultuous period in Spanish history. His legacy continues to be significant in Catalan politics and the broader struggle for regional autonomy in Spain.

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