A summer in Gósol village that inspired Picasso

A summer stay in Gósol village inspired Picasso

Perched high in the Pyrenees mountains of Spain/Catalonia, the quaint village of Gósol beckons those seeking to trace the path of the renowned Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso. More than a century ago, in June 1906, Picasso made a remarkable journey to Gósol from Barcelona with his muse and girlfriend, Fernande Olivier, who was a French artist and model.

Picasso lived in Paris at the time, but was seeking new inspiration which led him to Gósol on the glowing recommendation of a friend, who praised the natural beauty of this mountain village.

Over the course of the summer of 1906, Picasso immersed himself in the enchanting surroundings of Gósol, capturing the essence of the village, its inhabitants and the majestic mountain landscapes on canvas.

This artistic sojourn marked a significant chapter in Picasso's creative odyssey providing the inspiration for cubism.

The couple travelled first by train from Paris to Barcelona where they stayed for 2 weeks to catch up with old friends and family from his years spent living and studying in Barcelona.

Then they travelled to the Pyrenees by train. The last part of the voyage to Gósol could only be made on muleback along precarious mountain tracks overlooking steep precipices.

Picasso and Olivier stayed all summer at Gósol's only inn, the 'Hostal Cal Tampanada.'

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This time marked a change and a new beginning for Picasso.

The views of the village houses and roofs contributed to his creation of cubism, which was to be a breakthrough for the artist.

During his 10 week stay in Gosol, Picasso painted tirelessly and produced seven large paintings, a dozen medium-sized ones, and countless drawings, watercolours, gouaches, and carvings.

If you visit Gósol today, you can go by car.  You can still see the window of the room Picasso stay in Gósol and can also see the ruins of the 13th century castle and medieval village.

There is a small Picasso centre in Gósol - and just like Picasso and Fernande, you can enjoy lunch in the village square or enjoy a picnic and gaze at the mountains and village houses.

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