Most famous streets Barcelona Spain. Nicest streets to stay

Most famous streets in Barcelona Spain

Famous streets in Barcelona Spain. What are the most famous streets and nicest streets to stay in Barcelona.

Well there are many famous and many nice streets in Barcelona that have charm and character, so choosing the nicest streets is not that simple, but let's have a go.

La Rambla street

La Rambla

Barcelona's most famous street and a must to visit in Barcelona is La Rambla street. This walking street is Barcelona's most famous street and perhaps also the most controversial.

Some love the hustle and bustle. Some it is too crowded. Some locals think it has been taken over by tourists.

But whatever the opinion it is still the most famous street in Barcelona and worth a visit.

It is also a nice place to stay in Barcelona because it is central for the old city and the new city and close to the harbour. Have a look at some of the excellent hotels on Las Ramblas.

We recommed being at the western end of Las Ramblas near Plaza Catalunya becauase this is the most central place to stay in Barcelona. 

Hotels La Rambla

Passeig de Gracia street

The second most famous Barcelona street must be elegant boulevard Passeig de Gracia, which is absolutely Barcelona's most famous designer shopping street with the highest concentration of designer brand shops and some of the top Barcelona tourist attractions which include the modernist buildings Casa Mila and Casa Batllo by the famous architecht Antoni Gaudi.

The Passeig de Gracia street is very centrally located. It starts at Plaza Catalunya and as the name indicates it ends at the Gracia area of Barcelona, which is an old village that got swallowed by the city.

The Passeig de Gracia is home many of Barcelona's best hotels among them the Casa Fuster and the Condes de Barcelona

Hotels Passeig de Gracia
Designer shops Passeig de Gracia

Avenida Diagonal

Almost as famous shopping street in Barcelona is Avenida Diagonal which stretches from Diagonal mar area by the sea all the way up to the posh residential area of Barcelona called the Zona Alta. Avenida Diagonal has fantastic shopping especially in the upper end.

Avinguda Parallel

Fourth choice in our top five famous streets in Barcelona is Avinguda Parallel, where you can find many theatres and bars and which will undergo a major renovation in the coming year. Very lively street and a central place to stay in Barcelona if you prefer to be a little off the mainstream tourist areas. 

Passeig de Colom

And last but not least we like the Passeig de Colom street at the Barcelona harbour Port Vell which is nice for lovely city strolls along the harbour.

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