Estrella Damm beer Barcelona. Brewery Information and visits

Estrella Damm beer Barcelona

Estrella Damm beer is a lager beer, brewed in Barcelona, Spain. The brewery markets it as the 'Mediterranean lager beer.' August Küntzmann Damm founded the brewery S.A. Damm, in 1876 in Barcelona, Spain.

Estrella Damm is the flagship beer of S.A. Damm, is the oldest in Spain.

The name Estrella means 'star' in both Catalan and Spanish. Estrella Damm is the official beer sponsor of FC Barcelona football club. Estrella Damm is available in many countries worldwide.

Visit Estrella Damm brewery

It is possible to visit the Estrella Damm brewery located on Avinguda 11 de setembre, s/n, 08820, el Prat de Llobregat which is just outside the city center in Barcelona. 

Visits are possible Monday to Sunday and must be reserved in advance on the Estrella Damm website.

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Estrella Damm - Estrella Damm is a lager beer, brewed in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded in 1876 by August Küntzmann Damm in Barcelona

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