ITV vehicle inspection Barcelona

ITV Vehicle inspection Barcelona

ITV (inspección técnica de vehículos) is the safety and road worthiness vehicle inspection in Barcelona and Spain which is required for all vehicles. Major towns and cities in Spain have many ITV inspection centres.

Certio ITV centres
DGT Spanish Traffic ministry website
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About ITV vehicle inspection - (inspección técnica de vehículos)

The vehicle inspection costs around € 40 and can usually be booked from day to day or online at Certio ITV centres. Payment is in cash or by credit card. The inspection itself takes about 15 minutes while ITV inspectors check your horn, windscreen wipers, seat belts, turn on your flickers/indicators, check your brake lights and your exhaust emissions, then all brakes and alignment of wheels. If you pass the inspection, you get a new sticker for your windscreen.

ITV word list

Here are the important words you need to understand what the ITV inspector is asking you to do during the inspecition process:

Faros - headlamps
Luces traseras - back lights
Luces de los frenos – brake lights
Izquerda – left
Derecha – right
Pisar el freno/acelerador - to put one's foot on the brake/accelerator
Freno de mano – hand brake
El volante – steering wheel
Escobillas – windscreen wipers

If you do not have time to take your vehicle to the ITV inspection yourself, then  many mechanics and garages can handle it for you, but they will charge a fee of course, so the easiest thing is to take your car yourself. Here are the recent ITV test requirements for Spain. Please note they can change from year to year.
See current list at Certio here

Scooters over 50cc less than 3 years old. No annual test required

Scooters over 50cc more than  3 years old. Test required every 2 years 
Motorcycles less than 4 years old. No annual test required
Motorcycles from 4 to 10 years old. Test requiredevery 2 years
Passenger cars less than 4 years old. No annual test required
Passenger cars more than 4 years old. Test every 2 years
Passenger cars more than 10 years old. Annual test required

An invalid ITV sticker will generate a substantial fine of around €100 – €150.  Your driving license could also be confiscated until you can document that your vehicle has passed the ITV inspection within 10 days of being stopped without an ITV sticker.

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