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TMB Barcelona Metro Bus timetables Featured Popular

TMB Barcelona Metro Bus timetables
TMB. Barcelona Metro and Bus transport website. TMB is the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport company which operates Barcelona metros, trams, buses and the Barcelona Bicing public bicycle service. Metro and Bus information is on the TMB website. The trams and bicing city bikes have separate websites. The TMB website has a travel planner and information about Barcelona public transport prices, travel cards and timetables in Barcelona.

The TMB website is available in English. Barcelona currently has nine metro lines and over 1000 buses, 70% of which are adapted for wheelchair access.

Barcelona metro opening times:

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday), Sundays and public holidays:
05.00 to 24.00

Fridays and days before public holidays:
05.00 to 02.00

Saturdays and days before following dates 1/1, 24/6, 15/8 and 24/9:
24 hour non-stop service

December 24th:
Closes at 23:00

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