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Complaints Barcelona taxis or taxi drivers - How to complain

Carrer Número 62, Barcelona, 08040
+34 932235151
Complaints Barcelona taxis or taxi drivers - How to complain
Complaints Barcelona Taxi. How to complain about Barcelona taxi or taxi drivers. Official Barcelona taxis are black and yellow. Each driver is registered and has a licence number.

You can send a complaint about Barcelona taxi's by downloading a complaint form from Instituto Metropolitano del Taxi Barcelona - the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Institute.

Important: Remember whether the complaint is made electronically or by post, please note that the receipt issued by the taxi driver must be attached because it shows the taxi ride details: license number, NIF number, Vehicle registration number, price of the trip,  Date of the trip.

Address to send complaints form:
l'Institut Metropolità del Taxi,
Carrer 62, núm. 18,
Edifici B
08040 Barcelona, Spain

Office telephone
+34 932235151

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Monday, 25 September 2023