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All Saints Day Barcelona 2022

Todos los Santos - Tots Sants

Public holiday Barcelona and all Spain

Event date: Tuesday 1st November 2022
Event location: Public holiday all Spain incl Barcelona
Hashtag: #TotsSants

Fiesta de Todos los Santos. All Saints' Day Barcelona. Tot Sants. Public holiday in Spain and Barcelona.

The day after halloween is 1st November which is always a public holiday in Spain called 'Tots Sants' in Catalan and Todos los Santos in Spanish.

A tradition on all Saints' Day in Spain is to attend church services in honor of Catholic saints and martyrs and to visit family graves to place flowers, lay wreaths and light candles.

Barcelona cemeteries are open longer on All Saints usually from from 08.00 until 18.00 with special flower stalls at the cemetery gates and special bus services to the Montjuic and Poblenou cemeteries.

At Montjuic you can also visit the Montjuic cemetery museum and its collection of funeral carriages.

La Castanyada

In the Catalonia region of Spain on All Saints Day, you can enjoy the Catalan tradition of eating chestnuts, called La Castanyada

Are shops open on 1st November?

Shops in Barcelona are closed on All Saints day.

Todos los Santos, Tots Sants, but tourist shops, cinemas, tourist attractions, convenience stores and restaurants are open.

Feliç dia de Tots Sants

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All Saints Day Barcelona - Todos los Santos - Public holiday
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