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La Mercè 2023 - Correfoc infantil

Children's firerun - Cercavila de foc dels diables petits

Event date:
Saturday 23 September 2023

Event time:
from 6 pm - 18:00

Event location:
Pg. de Gràcia / Consell de Cent to Pg. de Gràcia / Mallorca - Provença

Nearest metro station:
Passeig de Gracia


Childrens' firerun. 'Correfoc infantil dels petits diables' is the special childrens correfoc firerun with fireworks and firecrackers that are a little less noisy and scary for the kids and with special focus on the children. This year, the Little Devils’ Fire Run will welcome almost 30 groups from Barcelona neighbourhoods and they will all parade down Passeig de Gràcia with fire beasts that will throw sparks along the way. The organisers recommend watching the end of the Children's Fire Run on Carrer Mallorca to stay as safe as possible. And in that location, you’ll also get better views of Hell's Gate (on Carrer de Provença) and the activity that will be about to begin there. The main Mercè adult correfoc begins at 20.30.  Read more about Correfoc firerun traditions

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La Mercè - Correfoc firerun for children 2023
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