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Correfoc - fireruns
Correfoc means 'firerun' in Catalan. The correfoc is a very popular Catalan tradition always seen at neighbourhood fiestas. Basically it is people in devil costumes dancing holding sticks of firecrackers. Fire runs are organised by "colles de diables" which means 'groups of devils' chasing and dancing to the beat of drums and spewing out sparks from fireworks attached to forks. In Barcelona you can see correfoc runs at the many of the big festivals like the Festa Major de Gracia and Festes de San Roc in August and the La Merce festival in September. Correfocs are highly colourful but can be a bit scary because of the loud bangs and many big sparks flying through the air quite close to the spectators. Often there are special childrens' correfocs are less firey and noisy, but still great fun. Earplugs are recommended and wear old clothes. Here are more correfoc precautions:

Safety Tips Correfoc firerun

> Protect yourself from burns. Wear old cotton clothes, long sleeves, trousers
> Protect your neck from flying sparks with a scarf or bandana
> Protect your hair by wearing headgear
> Protect your eyes. Shield them if the 'diables' get too close
> Wear appropriate footwear like sneakers
> Use earplugs or cover your ears to if you are close to fireworks
> Follow the instructions of public services official and the diables

In Barcelona the 'Coordinadora de Diables de Barcelona (Catalonia)' was formed in 1987 due to a big increase in recent years of 'colles de diables' (groups of devils) in Barcelona.

The Coordinadora de Diables de Barcelona brings together most of the 'colles' in the city by organising meeting for the city's 'colles' and 'correfocs' (fire-runs) and to raise awareness and safety issues.

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