Weather in Barcelona in February

Weather in Barcelona in February

The Barcelona weather is usually quite pleasant in February and often very comfortable for a visit.

That said, February can be cool with rain, so check the forecast before packing you bags.

In February the temperature is usually quite mild and mostly sunny and dry, however of course rain showers are possible in February.

The average air temperature in February in Barcelona has a high of around 14°C / 57°F midday and a low of 7°C / 55°F at night.

Average rainfall in Barcelona is around 40mm for february. Average humidity is 71% in morning and 58% in evening. 

Watersports like windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing can still be enjoyed but only with neoprene wetsuits. 

Sea temperature is definately too cold to swim and around 12C / 53F and the bathing season has not started.

In February beach services are closed and swimming is not advised. The beach season in Barcelona is from May to September. 

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What to wear in Barcelona in February?

Generally in February in Barcelona wear long trousers, fleece and warm jackets especially for morning and evening and if it is windy.

Bring sneakers and walking shoes with a good grip if you are going on tours outside Barcelona which is generally hilly

Don't bother to pack flip-flops. Bring swimwear if your hotel has an indoor, heated pool, or a spa.

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