Tickets Joan Gamper Cup 2019

Tickets Joan Gamper Cup 2019

Trofeu Joan Gamper - Joan Gamper trophy 2019

Date 4th August 2019 - kick-off 8pm

TICKETS Joan Gamper Cup 2019

The invited team for 55th edition of the Joan Gamper Cup is Arsenal. This is the first time FCB face Arsenal in the Gamper Cup.

The Gamper Cup date 2019 is Sunday 4th August 2019 and kick-off is at 8 pm after first team presentation at 7.20 pm

We recommend that you buy tickets online directly from FC Barcelona's website. You can also usually see Trofeu Gamper live in Spain on TV3 Catalunya

The Gamper Trophy Cup - Trofeu Joan Gamper is a traditional FC Barcelona pre-season friendly game and the first home game of the season for FC Barcelona in the 2019/20 season.

This game is when the new players are formally presented to the fans and so it is a great chance to see the new first team at Camp Nou including new star signings Antoine Griezmann and Frenkie de Jong

The Joan Gamper Cup is the only game of the year when all 98,772 seats at Camp Nou are available to the general public and at low prices. 

Programme 2019 Joan Gamper match: 

Pregame festivities at Camp Nou include concerts and activities prior to the official presentation of the FC Barcelona team for the 2019-20 season.

Kick-off is at 8pm.
First team presentation at 7.20pm. 
Entertainment and music from 5pm to 8pm

The Camp Nou stadium gates usually open for Gamper Cup game two hours before the Gamper Cup game, so there is plenty of time to get inside and enjoy the pre-match atmosphere. 

The coach and new Barça squad, including all coaching staff, are presented to the Camp Nou fans one by one, which is a Barça tradion at the start of each new season.

The Joan Gamper Trophy is also called 'La Festa del Gamper' and called 'El Trofeu Joan Gamper' in Catalan. The Gamper cup is an annual pre-season football game hosted by FC Barcelona.

The trophy is named in honour of Joan Gamper, (Hans Kamper), who was the founder of FC Barcelona and one of the first FC Barcelona players. Gamper was originally a Swiss citizen.

He was club captain at FC Basel and co-founder and player at both FC Basel and FC Zürich football teams. Gamper was president of FC Barcelona for several periods.

The Barcelona club was founded when on 22nd October 1899 Gamper placed an advert in the sports magazine 'Los Deportes' looking for players to form a football club in Barcelona.

This led to a meeting at the 'Gimnasio Solé' gym on November 29th 1899 and Football Club Barcelona was a reality.

The gym is long gone, but the building still stands and has a plaque on the street to commerate the founding of FC Barcelona.

The founding members were Swiss, British and Spanish soccer enthusiasts.

The Joan Gamper Trophy was established in 1966 by the FC Barcelona president Enric Llaudet. From 1966 to 1996 the Gamper was a mini tournament that was played by four teams, but since 1996 the Gamper Trophy has been a single game between FC Barcelona and an invited team.

If you are in Spain you can see the Gamper game live on Catalan TV3 or live online on the Catalan TV3 website. Or listen live on R@dio Barça

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Biography Joan Gamper

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Public transport Gamper cup 

The nearest metro stations to Camp Nou stadium are Badal and Collblanc on L5 and Maria Cristina and Les Corts on L3 which will have extra services and will be open until midnight. 

Bus lines 15, 43 and 56 will have additional buses and two special bus lines will operate between Camp Nou stadium and Plaça Catalunya..

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