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1st May Labour day Public holiday

1st May Labour day - Festa del treball - Public holiday

Event date: Monday 1st May 2023
Event location: Barcelona and Spain

May day. Fiesta del trabajo. 1st May in Barcelona is a public holiday and labour day - also called el 'Día del Trabajador' or 'Festa del Treball' 

If this public holiday falls mid-week then many people in Spain take a day off to make a puente (bridge) holiday which is why it is often called Puente de Mayo.

Puente de Mayo.

If the May first is on Tuesday or Thursday, then it a long 4 day weekend day, which is called a 'puente,' which means bridge, because most people do not work on the 'bridge day' between the public holiday and the weekend.

1st May is called 'puente del primero de mayo.' There are some political meetings and peaceful demonstrations (manifestaciónes) on 1st May in Barcelona.

Shops are closed on 1st May, but attractions, museums, tours and restaurants in the city center are open.

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1st May Labour day - Festa del treball - Public holiday
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