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The gothic area of Barcelona is in the Ciutat Vella district. Ciutat Vella means 'old city' in the Catalan language, and Barcelona's medieval city is one of the biggest medievel city areas in Europe. It includes the five neighbourhoods of La Raval, Barri Gotic, La Ribera and El Born. Each neighbourhood in the old city of Barcelona has its own special places and unique atmosphere.





In Roman times Barcelona was called Barcino. A monument to Barcino can be found on the Plaça Nova square in the gothic quarter near Barcelona cathedral. This is where the western city gate of Roman Barcino, called Porta Praetoria, was located. Barcelona Roman walls map

Barcino letters Barcelona

The oldest part of Barcelona is the district called Ciutat Vella which means old city. This was the medieval city which was surrounded by walls. 

Old part of Barcelona - satellite image

Almost all the walls of the medieval Barcelona are gone - except a very short section along the street Parallel - as part of the Drassanas Reial Royal shipyards. This section of wall was preserved because it functions as a wall of the shipyards. There are signs at locations to indicate where the Barcelona medieval city gates once stood.


The narrow streets of Barcelona's old city have many charming cafes, restaurants and boutiques and hotels.

barcelona pictures barrio gotico
A very nice area for walks in the Barri Gotic is in 'El Call' - the medieval Barcelona Jewish quarter 

The 'Capella Reial de Santa Àgata i el Palau Reial Major' (Royal Chapel of Santa Àgata and the Royal Palace) on 'Plaça de Ramon Berenguer' by street Via Laietana was built in the 14th century using a section of the second Roman wall from the fourth century A.D. Pictures Barcelona Roman walls

Fountain on Plaza Neri in the gothic quarter. 

Plaza Neri fountain 

Street buskers in Barcelona's Barrio Gotico complement the charming atmosphere

barcelona pictures barrio gotico

Interior view cloisters in Barcelona's gothic cathedral La Seu
Interior of part of Barcelona Cathedral

'l'ou com balla' - 'the dancing egg' - a Barcelona Corpus Christi festival tradition since 1637


There are still a few traditional old shops in the Gothic quarter. This is Casa de Les Sabatilles sandal shop on Baixada Llibreteria, 10


Try the pastries in La Colmena on Plaça Àngel, 12 near Jaume I metro station

Letterbox from 1902 designed by Modernist Catalan architect Doménech i Montaner.  This letter box is on the 'Casa de l'Ardiaca'  (The Archdeacon's House) - by Barcelona La Seu cathedral.

The building was occupied by the 'Colegio de Abogados' (college of lawyers) when the letterbox was made. The lawyers asked Domenech i Montaner to renovate the building and he added it. The turtle is said to symbolise the speed of the postal service at that time.

Letter box on Bishops Palace Barcelona 

Plaza Neri is one of the smallest and quietest plazas in the Barrio Gotico. You can have a coffee at the Hotel Neri outdoor cafe. Book Hotel Neri her

Plaza Neri 
The famous Catalan architecht Antoni Gaudi was a student in the children's school on Plaza Neri.  Tragedy hit Plaza Neri on 30th January 1938 during the Spanish civil war, when a bomb fell and claimed 42 civilian lives, among them many children. The shrapnel damage on the church 'Església de Sant Felip Neri' is still visible and a memorial plaque now honours the victims.

barcelona pictures plaza neri

Plaza Reial in the Barri Gotic of Barcelona has many popular restaurants and bars including Los Tarantos flamenco bar, Jamboree Jazz Club and Les Quinze Nits restaurant 

barcelona pictures plaza reial

The lamp posts on Plaza Reial were designed by Antoni Gaudi.

barcelona pictures plaza reial gauid lamp posts

Four Roman columns of the Temple of Augustus which was in the forum of Roman city Barcino on Monte Taber hill.

barcelona pictures roman columns

The Roman columns can be seen on street Carrer del Paradis 10 inside the 'Centre Excursionista de Catalunya.' 

There are well preserved remains of Roman wall towers on Plaça Nova by Barcelona cathedral. At the Barcelona history museum, MUHBA, you can also take a journey through underground ruins of Barcino, the Roman city of Barcelona


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