Is Barcelona too touristy? Is Barcelona Overrated?

Is Barcelona too touristy? A local viewpoint

Is Barcelona overrated or too touristy? Yes. No. Maybe. Every city possesses its unique character and distinctive profile and a city's primary role is not to serve as a tourist attraction but rather to function as the central hub of a larger metropolitan and urban region.

Its function is to be a center for employment, entertainment, edification and government of a region or country. It's a gathering place.

We don't believe a city's primary function is to act as a preserver of past cultures, an open-air museum, a theme park, or a vacation destination. A city is fundamentally created for the benefit of its residents, as they are the ones who inhabit, work, dine, and rest within its boundaries.

Barcelona's residents should have the freedom to influence and evolve the city on a daily basis. However, it's important to note that they don't possess exclusive ownership and decision-making authority simply by virtue of living there. In our opinion, a city doesn't belong to any one individual; it is a shared space open for use by all, including tourists.

If tourists choose to visit a city to observe how residents go about their lives and work, it's their prerogative, and residents should be accommodating of this choice. At the same time, tourists should acknowledge that a city cannot alter its pace or character to cater to those who visit briefly, as its rhythms and changes are driven by the needs and routines of its residents.

Tourists must embrace Barcelona as it is during their visit. If they find it too tourist-oriented, meaning it provides amenities for visitors, they have the option to decide not to visit. The choice is entirely theirs to make.

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