Who was Josep Tarradellas?

Who was Josep Tarradellas?

Josep Tarradellas was a Spanish politician in Catalonia region of Spain. He was president of Catalonia from 1954 to 1980. 

Born February 19th 1899 Cervelló, Baix Llobregat.  Died aged 89 on June 10th 1988.

In 1931, he became general secretary of the political party Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC).

After the Spanish civil war he went into exile in France in 1939 and became President of the Generalitat of Catalonia in exile in 1954.

Two years after Spanish dictator Francisco Franco's death in 1975, the Government of Catalonia was reestablished in 1977

Tarradellas returned to Spain and Barcelona in 1977 with the famous first words "Ciutadans de Catalunya, ja sóc aquí!"

In the Catalan language this means "Citizens of Catalonia, I am here at last!".

Tarradellas died in Barcelona in 1988. 
In 2018 the Spanish government agreed to rename  Barcelona aiport to Josep Tarradellas airport. 

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