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Dali - House-Museum Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol
House-Museum Gala Dalí Castle Púbol. The Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol is worth a visit for Dali fans. Advance tickets are not necessary for small groups. There is free parking by the museum.

El Castell Gala Dalí de Púbol. The Castle of Púbol Castle, also often called the Gala Dalí Castle, is in a tiny village called Púbol near Girona. It is about 1 hour by car from Barcelona. In the1930ies Dalí promised his wife Gala a palace and in 1969 he made good on that promise. Dalí bought and decorated this late fourteenth and early fifteenth century castle run in the village of Púbol near Girona and to Santuari dels Àngels where Dali and Gala were married in 1958. 

Dali restored it completely in his flamboyant and original style as a small but palatial residence for Gala even installing a throne room. Gala lived here from until her death in June 1982 aged 87.

She actually died at their house in Port Lligat in the early morning of 10th June 1982, but her body was transported to Gala Castle in their Cadillac car by Dali and his driver. The very same Cadillac is still in the garage at Castell Gala Dalí and Gala is interred in the crypt at Castell Gala Dalí in the cellar room known as 'el delma', which was the 'sala del diezmo' storeroom, where gifts brought by villagers as tithe taxes, were stored. 

While Gala lived in Gala Castle, Dalí was only permitted to visit if he had a written invitation from Gala. When she died, Dali moved out of Portlligat and into the Gala Castle to be closer to her. This was his last studio from 1982 to 1983. From 1983 then he was not able to paint anymore because of Parkinson's disease.  In 1984, a fire broke out in Dalí's bedroom - apparently from a short-circuit causing sparks from his electrical nurse bell.

Dalí suffered quite severe burns to his leg and arms and after this incident he was persuaded by friends to move to Torre Galatea of his Theatre-Musuem in Figueres, where he became a recluse and was rarely seen until he died six years later. Dali passed away while listening to his favourite Wagner music, Tristan and Isolde. Two tombs were prepared in the crypt of Gala Castle in Pubol, but Dali¡s deathbed wish was to be buried in the museum in Figueres. El Castell Gala Dali has also been left the way it was during the years Gala and Dali lived there. A fascinating final chapter to their life together.

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Driving times to Gala Dali castle:
Distance from Barcelona: approx 122 km – about 1 hour 27 minutes by car
Distance from Girona: Approx 25 km – about 30 minutes by car