Camping Roca Grossa - Calella

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Camping Roca Grossa, 08370, Calella
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Camping Roca Grossa - Calella
Camping Roca Grossa - Calella near Barcelona on the coastlineCosta de Maresme. Founded in 1956. Camping Roca Grossa is a well reviewed and popular camping site 54km from Barcelona which is about 45- 60 minutes drive.

Camping Roca Grossa is a well known and popular campsite of 70.000 m2 with easy access from the coastal road N-II (Km. 665) and is just 1 Km from the coastal resort of Calella, a popular holiday resort on the Costa del Maresme in Spain.

Barcelona is 40 Km away. Camping Roca Grossa campsite offers free hot water all day long and features modern facilities to meet guest needs.