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Carrer d'Aribau 22, 08011, Barcelona
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Universitat L1 L2
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Eixample: Eixample I
+34 931 58 41 98
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Micu Maku
Micu Maku bar restaurant. Spanish, Mediterranean, European, Catalan cuisine. All-day kitchen that gets top marks for paella and seafood dishes. Guests also praise the excelelnt service and good wine. The story as told by the owners. It started as a braise project called El Secret del Tall, grilled meat with charcoal. We opened on January 16, 2014 and following analytics and demand for dishes such as paella, black rice, fideuá, ham croquettes, Cesar salad and Burgers, which would become the star dishes, we decided to change the concept as well as the menu. giving rise to the birth of Micu Maku.

The Gorrilla that welcomes you at the restaurant entrance in life size. At first we wanted to paint it in white and name the copito after the albino gorilla from the Barcelona zoo, but after doing a more in-depth study, reading a marketing book, watching videos on the subject and asking customers what name they like, we even have made a contest on Facebook. Our main objective is to create quality food with excellent service and providing a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere. to create moments that rejoice the heart, create memories of romantic, family, or work trips, moments where one can have more than expected, feel appreciated in an environment of pure sincerity and greater satisfaction for sharing a place where your happiness is Our priority.

If there are more luxurious places, with more variety of dishes, molecular cuisine with Michelin stars, and you will not find what we were able to create in Micu Maku. Our main objective is good vibes when it comes to cooking, serving, serving, advising, giving the best of ourselves being sincere and with a pure and happy heart.

Our team is formed by valuing sincerity, responsibility, respect, happy and positive people, we believe that an emotional state is important especially to cook, serve dishes, receive the customer, we do it singing and almost dancing, so the dishes come out of good food and excellent vibrations that is our secret touch and that makes our restaurant special and different.

Many people have found the love of their life in our restaurant, people from different parts of the world become friends, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Holland, United States, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Latin America, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan etc.

To unite all these people, we did challenge Thursdays, we made a 42 kg potato omelette, a 5,600 kg ham croquette, a 15 kg hamburger, Sagrada Familia ham, etc. We have been in Time out magazine. It is the moment to go through the Micu Maku and bring the best of us with the special touch, vibrations and memories that will warm your heart with unforgettable moments. Welcome we will be waiting for you with open arms.