Business Yachtclub

Marina Port Vell, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
L4 Barceloneta
City District
Ciutat Vella: Port Vell
+34 610766511
Business Yachtclub
Business Yachtclub Barcelona BYC is a sailing club in Barcelona that offers access to a fleet of high performance sailing boats at affordable monthly prices. The J/80 sailing boats are also available for day or half-day charters with and without skipper throughout the year from the Marina Port Vell in the center of Barcelona port.

Depending on your sailing preferences Business Yacht Club Barcelona offer various memberships to join the club without having to own a boat.

Other than the Club, (for over 21 year old members with or without sailing license) Business Yachtclub organises Corporate Events and proposes a J/80 management programme for boat owners. 

Business Yachtclub organises sailing activities for all our members every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Under the leadership of a BYC skipper, you will have 3 hours of fun out on the water. Apart from fun the activity also helps you to build relationships in a high performance environment.

After paying a €190 registration fee the €39 monthly fee (2023) gives you access to participate in one Sailing Activity a month.

If you choose to go sailing more often the following sailing activities are paid extra. You can bring one friend along for each sailing activity.