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Airport bus Girona airport to Barcelona Featured Popular

Carrer de Ribes, 80, Barcelona, 08018
Airport bus Girona airport to Barcelona
Airport bus Girona airport to Barcelona. Sagales Airport Line. Bus to and from Girona airport to Estacio Nord bus station in central Barcelona.

Timetable and information for shuttle transfer airport bus from Girona airport to Barcelona to connect with flights flying from Girona/Costa Brava airport.

This is a daily regular shuttle transfer airport bus service operating between Barcelona city and Girona Airport.

You can book online. Buses have free WiFi.

The airport buses at Girona airport are located just outside the terminal building at Girona airport. The bus service from Barcelona to Girona airport leaves from Estacio Nord bus station near Glories square in Barcelona.

The nearest metro station to the Estacio Nord bus station is Arc de Triomf on Red Line 1, which is two metro stations from Barcelona's central square Plaza Catalunya.

There are luggage lockers at the Estacio Nord bus station.

There are seldom delays on this bus route, but it might be a good idea to take an earlier airport bus in high season just to be sure that you will catch your flight.

The current ticket prices (2022) for adults are €17 single and €25 return for airport bus from Barcelona to Girona airport. 

Address/website Girona-Costa Brava Airport
Map bus station Estacio Nord

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